Where are you located?
What is your phone/fax number?
Can I renew my plates online?
How do I change my address on my vehicle registration?
How do I replace a lost registration?
How do I replace the plate that I lost from my vehicle?
How do I replace the validation sticker that fell off my plate?
How do I replace a lost title for my vehicle?
How do I replace a title I never received from Cerro Gordo County?
How do I replace an altered or damaged title?
How can I contact the Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Vehicle Services?
If I buy a car, where do I get the title transferred into my name?
Where do I go to get a refund on my plates?
Where do I get additional forms if they are needed to complete the vehicle title process?
Where do I apply for personalized license plates?
Where do I go to get a personalized plate replaced, I have lost one of mine?
If I put my vehicle in storage, do I have to buy the plates every year?
When I take my vehicle out of storage, do I get free plates to put back on the vehicle?
What does the name connector 'and', 'or', 'and/or' mean on the face of my vehicle titles as it relates to selling my vehicle?
How does the state determine the amount of my registration fees?
When do I use a Damage Disclosure Statement?
When can I renew my plates?
When do I receive a property tax statement?
When are my taxes due?
I mailed my payment on the due date and now I am getting a balance due statement for delinquent taxes, why?
I thought my mortgage company paid my taxes?
Can I make a partial payment of my tax due?
What happens if my taxes are not paid by the due date?
What are my payment options when paying my property taxes?
Where do I make my payment?
What should I do if I receive a tax statement on a home I recently sold?
I just purchased this property and I am now being told that I am responsible for a full year of taxes, how can this be?
How do I add or change a mailing address for my tax statement?
Where can I get the latest information about my property?
My property taxes are paid and I want to know who paid them.
Why were special assessment statements mailed to me?
I am going to be moving my mobile home to another location, do I need a tax clearance form?
What should I do if I have a tax sale on my property?
Is there any type of credit or help available for elderly, disabled or low-income property owners?
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