Targeted (Medicaid) Case Management services is an individually centered, family, and community focused process to effectively manage multiple resources for the benefit of the individual using the services. This process involves assistance in gaining access to appropriate needed medical services and interrelated social and educational services.

Cerro Gordo Targeted Case Management Services is located at 3 4th St. NE, Mason City, Iowa 50401-7001. Our staff includes a Director and seven full-time case managers.

Targeted Case Management services are provided for an indefinite period of time at a level of intensity determined by the needs of the individual using the service.

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Case Management Services include the following functions:

  • Assessment of need for case management, intake and enrollment into case management and coordination of needed diagnostic and evaluation services.
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of service plans that directly involve those concerned, including; individual using the services, legal representative, family, service providers and others who may be identified through the evaluation, diagnostic or reevaluation process.

Service Plans shall include:

  • Reference to all provided services and identification of the providers in the plan.
  • Who has been involved in development of the service plan
  • Schedules of services initiated and frequency
  • Schedules for case monitoring and client reassessment
  • Linkage of individual needs to required treatments and services without limiting individual choice
  • Coordination and facilitation of decision-making according to individual’s needs and abilities
  • Monitoring of overall service delivery
  • Crisis assistance planning and intervention


  • Persons applying must be Medicaid eligible
  • Adults must have a diagnosis of Chronic Mental Illness, Intellectual Disability, or a Developmental Disability
  • Children under the age of 18 must have a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability and must be accessing Home and Community Based Services under the Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Waiver
  • The individual must want and actively use the service