General Information

The Cerro Gordo County Planning & Zoning Department administers a public dock management program under a permit granted by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Administration of this program is subject to IDNR regulations found in Iowa Administrative Code. The regulations form the basis of the County’s Dock Assignment Policy. Planning & Zoning Public Docks Policy for 2016

Dock Locations

There are 15 dock locations along the south shore of Clear Lake for which the county coordinates permits. A map to these locations will be available soon. Dock assignees are responsible for the safe condition of approaches, steps, and docks. They are responsible for the costs of dock and hoist installation, maintenance, and removal as well as the actual cost of the dock. The county requires that each assignee provide the county with a Certificate of Liability Insurance for $1 million. Please see the Dock Assignment Policy for additional requirements. The annual dock fee is $250 (usually shared by the assignees) plus $50 per hoist.

Waiting Lists

Assignees remain on a dock until they ask to be removed, they lose the assignment as a result of a sale of property (dock rights are non-transferrable), or they are removed for non-use or improper use (such as rental) of their assigned space. To be placed on a waiting list for dock space please provide the department with the following information:

  • The dock location(s) you are interested in being assigned to; and
  • Property owned within the subdivision in which the dock(s) is/are located (receives first priority); or
  • Property owned in Cerro Gordo County (receives second priority); or
  • Property owned in Iowa (receives third priority); and
  • Contact information including:
  • Permanent address;
  • Phone number(s) that you can be reached at during the day; and
  • E-mail address

Requests MUST be made in writing by mailing it to:

Cerro Gordo County Planning & Zoning 220 N. Washington Avenue Mason City, IA 50401

OR you can email the above information to: