The Personnel and Safety Departments provide a variety of internal services to elected officials and department heads as well as all county employees. These departments are staffed by the Administrative Officer for Personnel/Safety Director and Administrative Assistant.

The Personnel Department

The Personnel Department oversees the human resource functions of all county departments. Assistance is provided to departments at the request of the elected official or department head as necessary in areas including, but not limited to, hiring of new employees, employment administration, compliance with federal and state laws, and employee discipline and discharge.

The department serves as a resource to elected officials, department heads, and employees in implementing and interpreting the Employee Handbook, as well as other policies and procedures.

Health insurance, life insurance, and long term disability insurance is coordinated by the Personnel Department. The county’s flexible benefits program, including benefit sign-up dates are also coordinated out of this office.

This department negotiates labor contracts with the labor units representing the sheriff’s department, courthouse employees, roadworkers, and home care aides. Labor grievances are also handled by the Personnel Department.

The Safety Department

The Safety Department is responsible for administering and communicating the safety policies of Cerro Gordo County, including OSHA regulations and insurance carrier requirements. The department is also responsible for coordinating the county’s insurance package including, but not limited to property, liability, and vehicle insurance.

The department conducts safety training programs, provides hearing tests to at-risk employees, and implements changes in OSHA laws. A Safety Committee, comprised of the Conservation Director, County Engineer, Sheriff, Public Health Director, and Safety Director, meets quarterly. The committee reviews changes in laws and requirements, identifies safety needs of employees, discusses recent injuries and accidents, and reviews insurance matters.

Workers compensation claims, tort liability claims, general liability claims, and lawsuits against the county are processed and coordinated by this office. The county’s Drug-Free Workplace policy, covering those employees required to have a commercial drivers license, is coordinated by the department as well.

The department also receives and maintains all new employee physicals, drug screens, and hearing tests.