Monarch Mania!

We have exciting news!

Our €œMonarch Mania!€ website is up and running!  Visit the website at

This website is all about providing habitat for monarch butterflies and other pollinators.  Visit the site and make plans for a pollinator garden in your yard this spring! 

Our €œMonarch Mania!€ program is funded by the Maxine Sanberg Memorial Fund.  Join us in our efforts to help pollinators in North Iowa!

Monarch Mania

Smart Trail Now Available at Lime Creek Nature Center

Check out our new Smart Trail!

Come to Lime Creek and learn more about what you see while you’re exploring! We have placed 20 Quick Response (QR) codes along our trails! Scan the codes with a free QR Reader App on your smart phone and let the app do the work for you. You will be linked to informative videos and pictures about where you are standing! Enjoy your next adventure at Lime Creek!

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