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Office Organization

Chapter 29C of the Code of Iowa authorizes the formation of Emergency Management Commissions. These commissions consist of mayors of the communities within the county, the county Sheriff and a member of the county Board of Supervisors. It is the responsibility of the commission to appoint an Emergency Management Coordinator to manage the county’s program.

How does Emergency Management Work?

Emergency Management involves local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as volunteer organizations and businesses working as a coordinated team. These organizations operate together during times of disaster using the County-Wide Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan as their guide. This plan incorporates all resources within the county, as well as those made available through mutual aid agreements with other counties, and those resources available from the State or Federal Governments.
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Emergency Preparedness

When disaster strikes, don’t be afraid – Be Ready!

Do you know what to do when disaster strikes? Do you have a plan? Fire, police and emergency medical services may be delayed or unable to respond. With a plan and a supply kit you can help to protect yourself and your family. Whether it’s tornadoes, flooding, winter storms or an act of terrorism, emergencies can occur quickly and without warning. Although we cannot prevent emergencies, we can prepare for them.

What can you do?

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)