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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Recent Activities

CERT members have also participated in the following training opportunities: Debris Removal, Terrorism, Terrestrial Search, Flood Training (including sandbagging), Traffic Control and Critical Stress Debriefing.

State Assistance

When a local government requests state assistance, the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division evaluates the situation, continues to coordinate with local governments and appropriate state agencies, keeps the Governor's office informed, and if appropriate, prepares the Governor's emergency or disaster proclamation. Local officials must exhaust their resources and capabilities, including mutual aid, before state resources can be activated through a Governor's State of Emergency Disaster Proclamation.

When the Governor signs a State of Emergency Disaster Proclamation, he/she can activate state resources such as personnel, equipment, supplies, and essential services to provide assistance in the form of technical guidance, debris clearance, traffic control, levee patrol, security, shelters, portable water, vaccines, transportation and other emergency response and recovery capabilities.

In addition, the Governor can waive certain rules and regulations that hinder the response and recovery activities conducted by local and state authorities. In the past, the Governor has waived regulations pertaining to vehicle regulations, required permits, open burning, program restrictions, deadline extensions, etc.

Many believe that each time the Governor issues a disaster proclamation, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants are automatically available. This is not the case. The Governor's Proclamation triggers state agencies such as the Department of Transportation (DOT), National Guard, Human Services, Emergency Management and others. For example, inmates may help with sandbagging and the DOT may help with debris removal.

A Presidential Declaration is necessary to activate federal agencies, such as FEMA, which provide dollars for assistance.

Following a Presidential Disaster Declaration, state officials set up a disaster field office for disaster assistance teams. The teams work in the damaged areas to assess and collect data that is used to determine the assistance that will be provided in the declared area.

Federal Assistance

FEMA provides federal grant assistance for emergency work and the repair or replacement of public facilities damaged by disaster events which receive a Presidential Declaration. Public Assistance Grants are provided through the state on a 75 percent federal cost share basis.

Briefings are conducted for local governmental officials shortly after Public Assistance is designated. The procedures for requesting and obtaining assistance are explained and each entity is asked to submit a Notice of Interest (NOI) form. Applicants have 30 days from the designation of Public Assistance for their area to submit a NOI.

Assistance to individuals and/or businesses is provided through FEMA and state administered grant programs or small business administration loan programs.


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