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Sheriff's Sales

A sheriff's sale is a public sale of real property that has been lawfully seized by the county as directed by a civil court order, or used in reference to real estate sold as a result of a foreclosure judgment.

All sales are conducted at the Law Enforcement Complex at 17262 Lark Ave.

December 2, 2008 Jeanette Dye a/k/a Jeannette Dye, Spouse of Jeannette Dye and Parties in Possession
December 2, 2008 Nicholai Amosson, Spouse of Nicholai Amosson and Parties in Possession
December 4, 2008 Kirt D. Snook, Amy J. Snook a/k/a Amy Jean Snook, State of Iowa
December 9, 2008 Jason M. Berding, Connie S. Berding, James Prince, Tiffany Prince, OR Entertainment, Inc., The State of
Iowa, and Charles Henry Levad
December 9, 2008 Danielle L. Aastrup, Spouse of Danielle L. Aastrup, Citifinancial, Inc., and Parties in Possession
December 9, 2008 David Germundson; Kristin M. Germundson; Bank of America, N.A.; Unknown Occupants of 1012 NW 1stStreet, Mason City, IA 50401
December 11, 2008 Michael K. Linner; Providian National Bank; Spouse of Michael K. Linner, if any
December 16, 2008 Robert A. Shaver; Spouse of Robert A. Shaver, if any; State of Iowa
December 18, 2008 Christopher T. Staudt; Spouse of Christopher T. Staudt; State of Iowa
December 18, 2008 Linda K. Johnson, fka Linda K. Stauffacher, fka Linda K. Rowe
December 18, 2008 LeAnn Hedglin a/k/a LeAnn L. Hedglin, Rebecca Hedglin a/k/a Rebecca L. Hedglin, Spouse of LeAnn
Hedglin a/k/a LeAnn L. Hedglin, Spouse of Rebecca Hedglin a/k/a Rebecca L. Hedglin
December 18, 2008 Michael R. Linderman; Amber L. Linderman; and Centex Home Equity Company LLC
January 6, 2009 Kari J. Vierow, Parties in Possession
January 6, 2009 Ryan A. Havey, any unknown spouse of Ryan A. Havey, Jennifer Marie Helland, f/k/a Jennifer M. Havey, and State of Iowa
January 6, 2009 Douglas J. Sorenson, Jennifer Lee Sorenson, State of Iowa
January 8, 2009 Meggan J. Alexander; David Alexander; State of Iowa
January 8, 2009 Granville Daniels and Nicole Daniels; City of Mason City, Iowa; First Credit; State of Iowa; West Town
Charlie Brown
January 8, 2009 Marvin L. Kuecken aka Marvin Kuecken and Kimberly Kuecken



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